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Madeline Jane Stewart
31 July 2016 @ 06:27 pm
Title: Beautiful Consequences
Author: madelinestewart
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rated: R/Mature
Summary: AU. Ginny isn’t interrupted in her bedroom and the consequences could kill them all.
Authors Note: This is the first proper piece of fanfiction I’ve written since I was about fourteen, and the first proper piece of Harry Potter fanfic I’ve written ever. I’ve written plenty before, but not for ages, so I hope you don’t mind if I’m rusty. I’ll get better. *grins promisingly* Also, I know this has been done before, so shout out to one story I’ve forgotten the name of and can’t find and to The Most Powerful Magic in Existence on SIYE for the inspiration. This is my take on the trope. I hope you like it.

"When it was all said and done, they help each other dress slowly."Collapse )
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Madeline Jane Stewart

Cheryl (Kristen Wiig): Life is about courage and going into the unknown.

This film inspires me to conquer the world. Life’s motto is:

"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life."

And this film, whether it be the love story or Mitty’s personal journey to discover what it is to live and take charge of his life, or even Mitty’s sister getting her part in Grease, is about taking the bull by the horns and making things happen.

The soundtrack is beautiful. My favourite song is the unpronounceable Eyjafjallajökull, by Theodore Shapiro, José González and Mark Graham. The soundtrack in general is by Theodore Shapiro, featuring José González, with a lot of humming. Absolutely stunning and really pulls at the heart. Very inspirational music once you’ve watched the film.

I highly recommend this film as it’s my favourite. I’ve watched it more than any film I haven’t studied.

Go watch it (legally) now!
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Madeline Jane Stewart
07 May 2016 @ 04:56 pm
My name is Madeline. Or as most people call me, Maddie. I was born in Melbourne, grew up in Melbourne, and now have recently moved to Port Augusta, South Australia. I’m 21. I own a dog (Audrey) and two rats (Lemmon and Pudding). I am in a steady de facto (registered 2015) relationship.

My parents are divorced (2008), my father is dead (October 2014). I have an eight years’ younger brother (13).

My birth name is Madeline Stewart Warmington. My name, in a few weeks at least, will be Madeline Jane Stewart. Jane for James, my grandfather. Stewart, my mother’s last name.

I’ve never been particularly enamoured with the last name Warmington. It’s a connection to my dad. It’s a connection to my dad’s family. And really, I have nothing to do with either of those things. It just makes sense.

I am never going to get married. My partner thinks the institution is stupid. And since he’s it for me, that’s just how it’s going to be.

I want to be a child care worker. I am in the process of beginning to study a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care - the second lowest qualification for the industry.

I’m currently unemployed. But there’s hope with that a local clothes shop will hire me.

I have type 1 diabetes (2002) and mental illness beginning in childhood and continuing on to today.

I want children, but my partner doesn’t. This is a sticking point between us. But I’m too young and too unwell to think of having my own, so for now its at a standstill on the decision making so to speak.

I’m pretty lonely. I don’t have many friends and the ones I do have I’m rubbish at talking to. And really, it’s very hard to make new friends when one doesn’t have study or work to go to.

This is a blog about my life and who I am discovering I am. I like podcasts and diet coke. I am aspiring to be better.